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  • How long should I expect a shingle roof to last in the Klamath Basin?
    The average shingle roof lifespan in the Klamath Basin is about 17 years. You may see various warranties offered for different brands (25-year, 30-year, 50-year, etc.) but just because a shingle has a longer warranty on it does not mean the shingle itself will last longer. It simply means there is a longer period of time that the single is warrantied for. Your roof will still only last 15-20 years, and you’ll need to file a warranty claim in accordance with the manufacturer's documentation.
  • How many years have you been in business?
    Outlaw Roofing is going into our third year serving the Klamath Basin as a separate entity, but our family has been roofing Klamath Falls for over 65 years!
  • What does the roof replacement process look like from start to finish?
    During your initial phone call, we will receive all of the preliminary information needed for your job. We will then schedule an appointment to get measurements, photos, and any other information needed to quote you a price for the job. Next, we will provide you with a contract and proposed start date. Simple as can be!
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, we offer financing through GreenSky. This allows you to finance multiple projects in one loan. The application takes about five minutes, and you will know if you have been approved within about 2 minutes. Click here to apply!
  • What is the fire resistance rating on your metal roofing systems?
    Our metal roofing systems are a Class A rating.
  • How far out do you typically schedule for a roof replacement?
    With some of the quickest lead times in the area, we are typically about 4-8 weeks out for most roof replacements.
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